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Eye Glasses Dispensing

In addition to evaluating your vision and eye health, we have a dispensary with a wide selection of eye glasses that will ensure your new eye glasses are fashionable and fit your visual needs. At Opsis Eye Care in Markham, we offer a variety of styles and brands of eye glasses, including sunglasses and children’s eye glasses.  We carry brand name lenses such as Nikon, Hoya, and Zeiss. We’ll guarantee your eye glasses prescription is accurately filled and the final product is professionally fit to provide optimal vision, comfort and eye health.  We also provide full warranties to ensure patient satisfaction.

The process of eye glasses dispensing includes the following:

  • We will help you select the eye glasses frame that is both functional and fashionable
  • We will recommend the most appropriate lenses (e.g. computer lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, progressive lenses, etc.) and coatings (e.g. anti-reflective, anti-scratch, blue light blocking, etc.)
  • We will take precise measurements to provide the best fit of your custom lenses
  • Once we have determined exact lenses and collected all the measurements, we will send the frame to the lab to have your custom lenses made and inserted into the frame (which may take 1-2 weeks)
  • When your eye glasses are ready for pick up, we will adjust your eye glasses to fit comfortably on your face and provide the clearest vision

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