The Safe Way To Use Contact Lenses

The Safe Way To Use Contact Lenses

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A contact lens is a medical device that is inserted into the eyes to correct vision. They are a great alternative to glasses as they provide convenience when doing activities such as sports. It is important to use contact lenses correctly as they can cause infections with improper use. It takes time and practice to get the hang of wearing and caring for contact lenses.

We at Opsis Eye Care cannot stress enough the importance of proper eye care, including knowing how to choose your lenses based on your needs. This is why we have written down information about how to use contact lenses safely.

How to properly fit contact lenses for maximum comfort and clear vision

Having the correct fit is important when it comes to choosing your contact lenses. Your optometrist can do this. They will recommend the appropriate contact lens brand for your prescription and eye health. There are different types of materials and curvatures that vary between brands. An ill-fitted lens can cause dry eyes, redness, discomfort, blurriness, infections, etc.

Proper use/handling of contact lenses is also important. Follow the instructions given by your optometrist. Improper use can cause scratches which can lead to infections. This can cause permanent damage to the cornea and vision.

Cosmetic contact lenses should only be purchased from your optometrist or an optical with a prescription. Purchasing from an unregulated store/online such as a costume store or party store, can cause serious harm as the contact lenses may not be sterile/stored properly or approved by Health Canada.

Here are some tips to avoid contact lens complications that can affect your cornea and vision:

  • Wash your hands well with soap before insertion/removing contact lenses. Make sure your hands are dry.
  • Never use water to clean/rinse your contact lenses. Water can contain acanthamoeba, which can cause a very serious type of infection.
  • Do not swim or shower with contacts in the eyes.
  • Try not to overuse contact lenses (ideally eight to ten hours/day), and do not sleep in contact lenses unless your eye doctor has approved it.
  • Remember to clean the contact lens case regularly and change it every three months.
  • Ensure your contact lenses were obtained through your optometrist or a legally authorized contact lens distributor.


It is important that you use your contact lenses as directed by your optometrist. To safely wear contact lenses, you must be committed to caring for them properly and replacing them when needed. The replacement of the lenses depends on the type of lenses. There are monthly, biweekly, dailies, and yearly lenses. Do not overuse contact lenses, as that will cause complications and problems. Talk with your optometrist or other eye care professional to discuss your vision needs and expectations. They can help you decide if contacts are a good option for you.

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