Ortho-K (orthokeratology) is a process involving gas permeable hard contact lenses that correct your vision while you sleep so you can enjoy clear vision during the day without glasses, or contacts. It is a safe and gentle vision correction option that is reversible, and has shown to control myopia when worn by children.

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Primary Benefits


Clear vision during the day without glasses, contact lenses, or surgery


Stabilize and slow progression of myopia in children


Reversible: temporarily reshapes the cornea

How does it work?

Customized contact lenses reshape the surface of the eye so that light focuses properly on the retina. In the morning, you remove the contact lenses and you will be able to see clearly all day long.

Are you a candidate?

Ortho-K is appropriate for all ages and can effectively treat myopia (nearsightedness -1.00D to -5.00D) and astigmatism (up to -1.00D).  Candidacy depends on your corneal shape, tear secretion, rigidity of your cornea and health of your eye.

The Ortho-K process

  1. Initial evaluation and consultation.
  2. A pair of customized Ortho-K lenses will be ordered.
  3. Lens handling and teaching.
  4. Initial follow up evaluation after first night of wear.
  5. Additional follow up appointments to evaluate the fit of the contact lenses and corneal health with continued overnight wear.
  6. More than one pair of custom lenses may be required for optimal fit and correction.
  7. Yearly replacement of Ortho-k lenses.

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