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What is Accelerated Orthokeratology (AOK)?

AOK is a process involving gas permeable hard contact lenses that correct your vision while you sleep so you can enjoy clear vision during the day. It is a safe and gentle vision correction option.

How does it work?

These customized contact lenses reshape the surface of the eye so that light focuses properly on the retina. In the morning, you remove the contact lenses and you will be able to see clearly all day long.

Benefits of AOK

  • Clear vision during the day without the use of eye glasses, contact lenses, or surgery
  • Studies have shown that AOK can stabilize/slow the progression of myopia in children
  • Orthokeratology is reversible as it only temporarily reshapes the cornea.  It is an excellent option for those who are not ready for LASIK surgery.

Are you a candidate?

AOK is appropriate for all ages and can effectively treat myopia (nearsightedness -1.00D to -5.00D) and astigmatism (up to -1.00D).  Candidacy also depends on your corneal shape, tear secretion, rigidity of your cornea and health of your eye.

The AOK process

Initial Evaluation and Consultation:

  • Corneal Topography – a digital scan to map and analyze the cornea (surface of the eye)
  • Biomicroscope exam of the cornea and eyelids and tear film assessment
  • Dr. Nhan will thoroughly explain the AOK process and suitability for this treatment


Lens Handling:

  • A pair of customized shaping contact lenses is ordered according to the parameters of the initial evaluation
  • Our staff will guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts of contact lenses handling as well as teach you how to insert and remove the contact lenses from the eye
  • You will be given the following: one set of customized shaping contact lenses, complimentary sample contact lenses solution with case, contact lenses remover

Follow Up Evaluations:

  • Initial follow up appointment with Markham Optometrist Dr. Jessica Nhan is made after first night of wear
    • Corneal topography will be performed to see the response of the contact lenses on the cornea
    • Vision check to see how much prescription is corrected after one night of wear (usually -0.75D to -2.00D)
    • Biomicroscope eye exam to assess health of cornea
  • Additional follow ups with Dr. Jessica Nhan will be needed to evaluate the fit of the contact lenses and corneal health with continued overnight wear (maximum results achieved within 1-4 weeks depending on your corneal shape and prescription)
  • This process may require more than one pair of custom contact lenses in order to find the optimal fit and correction
  • It is important to return yearly for a new pair of contact lenses, as normal wear and tear, and protein/lipid deposits may adversely affect the treatment and oxygen flow of the cornea

Call us for more information or to book your AOK consultation!